U.S. Cellular Field Launches SuiteMate

This is a fantastic day for us here at Parametric as we celebrate the launch of our new SuiteMate product and our second CheckMate installation with the White Sox, Levy Restaurants, and Delaware North.

Danny Ecker of Crain's has written a great post about the installation, HERE!

This season the White Sox and Levy Restaurants have launched the first ever implementation of the SuiteMate system designed by Parametric. With 100 guest facing tablets and 40 employee tablets this installation is the largest of its kind in US pro-sports history.

If you find yourself in a suite at U.S. Cellular Field this season, be sure to grab your SuiteMate. It's the perfect second screen, with features like food and beverage ordering, live MLB game streaming, and special features that will be rolled out over the course of the season.

On the 100 level, the White Sox and Delaware North are launching a brand new restaurant area called the Xfinity Clubhouse. It sports table seating, a full bar, and a new carvery stand and for patrons seated at the bar or tables, the ability to order from 2 other stands and have food delivered. They have chosen the CheckMate mobile POS system as their method for aggregating orders from these different locations and keeping flow of traffic smooth.

See the video below to get a sense of what SuiteMate and CheckMate really feel like at U.S. Cellular Field! Thanks to Danny Ecker of Crain's Chicago for the great article and video.